Industry and Nature in Harmony

2017 Humber Estuary Conference

The 2017 Humber Estuary Conference will be held on Tuesday 28th November at the Guildhall in Hull.

Many people and organisations have interests in the well-being of the Humber, but no one organisation has all the knowledge, legal powers and resources to ensure that all the legitimate users and uses – people, navigation, industry, agriculture, wildlife, recreation and heritage – can take place in harmony. The annual Humber Estuary Conference, organised by Humber Nature Partnership, provides an opportunity for all these interests to meet together and to hear about some of the excellent work which HNP's partner organisations have been involved in during 2017.  

During the summer, Humber Nature Partnership published "Investing in Natural Capital: Creating the right environment for economic investment". The keynote address at this year's conference will be given by leading environmentalist, campaigner, writer and sustainability advisor Tony Juniper. Tony's recent books "What has Nature ever done for us?" and its sequel "What Nature Does For Britain", highlight the importance of the natural environment to the economy and to society as a whole and fit very well with the concept of Natural Capital. 

We will also hear from Richard Tracey whose work developing the Atlantic Gateway in the north west of England provides an excellent model for the potential future of the Humber where environmental, social and economic priorities are delivered in harmony. We do hope you will be able to join us for what promises to be a very interesting and inspiring event.

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23 November 2017

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