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The Annual Humber Hounds Bridge Walk SEPTEMBER 3RD 2017

The Annual Humber Hounds Bridge Walk SEPTEMBER 3RD 2017

Why did the dog cross the Humber?  To get to the other side - and to get involved in a FREE fun day out for all like-minded dog lovers.  How many dogs can we get across the Bridge in one day?  Come and find out on Sunday 3rd September.  Bring your friends (and their dogs!) Last year we managed to gather together over a hundred breeds. This year can we do better?

Please register your interest and order a ticket on Eventbrite 

or phone Kevin Bayes on 01652 631521

and like us or leave us a message on our Humber Hounds Facebook Page, where you can find more information about the day.  Spread the word – everyone welcome.

You will be allocated a start time (so that we can spread folks out through the day) and the walk will begin from Waters Edge Visitor Centre, Barton upon Humber DN18 5JR.  It should take about 3 hours and give you the most amazing views.

The Annual Bridge Walk is a reminder that Bird Migration time is upon us again.  The Humber Estuary is home to hundreds of thousands of birds which can be badly affected by disturbance. Our studies have shown that dogs off leads are the largest source of disturbance during the year. So please remember to keep your dog under close control when walking near the estuary and flocks of birds.  But get out there and enjoy the spectacle!

11 July 2017 by Kevin Bayes

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