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Investing in Natural Capital

Investing in Natural Capital

Humber Nature Partnership is pleased to announce the launch of “Investing in Natural Capital: Creating the right environment for economic investment”.

This document which sets out Humber Nature Partnership’s view of the importance of natural capital around the Humber and identifies opportunities for investing in it was launched yesterday at a conference organised by Humber Nature Partnership and HCF CATCH.

Within the document Humber Nature Partnership calls on all the organisations with the ability to deliver change around the Humber to work together to:

Create a single inclusive, all-encompassing vision for the Humber which addresses the needs for:

•Sustainable economic growth

•Social well-being and community cohesion

•Well-managed natural capital

Speaking yesterday Humber Nature Partnership’s Manager, Darren Clarke said, “We need to work together to develop the Humber into a landscape where properly integrated, multi-purpose planning provides the best environmental setting and the right skills and services to attract high quality investment. We need to invest directly in our natural capital to maximise the value of these often overlooked resources for the economic prosperity of the region so that everyone benefits.”

The document can be downloaded from the link below:

Investing in Natural Capital: Creating the right environment for economic investment

08 June 2017 by Darren Clarke

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