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Humber Estuary High Tide Roost Review 2013-2014 published

In 2013, the RSPB and Natural England began reviewing a 2006/7 report on high tide bird roosts on the Humber. The aim of the work was to update the original report, which highlighted areas of particular importance for roosting birds. This involved consulting bird surveyors and others around the Estuary for their knowledge of areas that birds use during high tides.

A draft report was published in January 2016 and since then revisions have been underway to address helpful comments on the draft and to incorporate new information supplied in response to the consultation. The Final Report is now complete and can be downloaded by clicking the link below. The report identifies areas of particular importance for roosting birds around the Humber, and highlights again the important roles that both intertidal and terrestrial habitats play in supporting the Estuary’s internationally important bird populations. 

Download the Humber Estuary High Tide Roost Review 2013-2014.

The RSPB and Natural England would like to take this opportunity to again thank all of those who took the time to supply the project with information and to comment on the draft report.

04 November 2016 by Darren Clarke

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