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Marsh samphire at Saltfleetby National Nature Reserve

Marsh samphire at Saltfleetby National Nature Reserve

Marsh samphire, also known as glasswort, is an annual plant of coastal muds and sands.  Its presence is of great importance to this type of coastline where it is capable of stabilising sediment and blown sand.  By doing this it creates an ideal situation for the growth of other coastal plants and the development of saltmarsh.  Its abundant seeds are an important food for wintering small birds like the Twite and Snow Bunting.

Areas of samphire are now becoming established at the Saltfleetby National Nature Reserve and it is vitally important that these beds survive.

Please note that under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to take any wild plant from the National Nature Reserve and under the Theft Act 1968 it is an offence to take plants for commercial purposes without authorisation.

26 August 2015 by Gordon Kell

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