Industry and Nature in Harmony

Creating an Oasis for Wildlife

Creating an Oasis for Wildlife

Youngsters from Immingham’s Oasis Academy are amongst those getting the benefit of Total Lindsey Oil Refinery’s membership of Humber Nature Partnership with their use of Burkinshaw’s Covert Local Wildlife Site for education. The children have been adding their muscle to replant and restore a mediaeval boundary bank within the site and will be helping to replant an area with native, broadleaved trees. 

This latest phase of work at the site has been undertaken using Landfill Tax grant funding obtained with the help of Able UK Ltd. but the support of local people such as the pupils from Oasis Academy and the Humber Conservation Volunteers are absolutely essential to the project.

Sustainable, woodland management at the site is having environmental, social and economic benefits and has seen not just the replanting of native trees such as oak, hazel, birch and ash, but also the creation of large new breeding ponds for amphibians, artificial roosts for bats and the open areas that form a dynamic woodland habitat.

05 March 2015 by Darren Clarke

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