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Humber Estuary Birds: Marsh harrier

Humber Estuary Birds: Marsh harrier

The marsh harrier, a member of the hawks and eagles family, is the largest of the harriers and is recognised by its long tail and light flight with wings held in a shallow 'V'.  Compared to other harriers it is larger in size, a heavier build, with broader wings and its rump has an absence of white.  Female marsh harriers are larger than males and have creamy heads. There are 320-380 breeding pairs in the UK and the future of the marsh harrier in the UK is now more secure than at any time during the last century but it remains on the RSPB’s Amber List.  The Humber Estuary is home to 6.8% of the UK’s marsh harrier breeding population and it can be seen flying over the reedbeds and marshes of Blacktoft Sands.

Image provided by Nyctea Ltd

06 January 2015 by Gordon Kell

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