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Update on Humber byelaws

The North Eastern IFCA byelaw relating to the protection of seagrass communities behind Spurn Bight, was formally signed off by the Fisheries Minister on 30/01/2014 and is now in force. The XXIX Humber Estuary Fishing Byelaw applies specifically to the area behind Spurn Bight on the north coast of the estuary. All operators affected by the new regulations should familiarise themselves with the provisions contained within the byelaw. Primarily, these are: no person shall take any sea fisheries resources from the specified area, unless by means of a rod and line or hook and line. Notification has been posted on the NEIFCA website.

Eastern IFCA has submitted the Protected Area Byelaw to the MMO for quality assessment prior to ministerial consideration and it is anticipate that the byelaw to be in place prior to the May 2014 deadline.  The Protected Area Byelaw will enable Eastern IFCA to restrict sensitive habitats and associated areas within European Marine Sites within the district.  Relevant to the Humber area is Regulatory Notice 4, created for the purpose of protecting eelgrass beds on the southern bank of the Humber estuary.  Following further eelgrass surveys and the formal consultation, revisions to the size and shape of Regulatory Notice 4 have been made.  As such Eastern IFCA is confident that the proposed restrictions will provide the appropriate level of protection whilst still allowing for bait digging activity. 

More details will be posted on the Eastern IFCA website following a decision by the Minister.  

10 March 2014

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