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Frequently asked questions: Estuary Management

Those with statutory duties deliver a wide range of management to ensure that the various activities which take place on and around the estuary, from shipping to flood protection, do not impact upon the protect habitats and species of the Humber Estuary.  

On this page you can download FAQ documents which outline the main activity management which takes place on the Humber Estuary.  Further details about the management can be obtained from the contacts listed in each section.

The FAQ document will be visited annually to consider any changes or new activities which need to be managed and are the responsibility of statutory organisations.  Every 5 years the management of all activities will be reviewed as part of a ‘vulnerability assessment’ using existing information on the levels of activities which take place on the Humber Estuary and information contained in the Humber Estuary Conservation Advice.  The first vulnerability assessment will take place in 2016 once the Humber Conservation Advice has been published by Natural England.

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